Scritto da: La nostra fiaba
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Test 78261890' or 4112=4120--
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T alert(1);' and '9923'='9923
Test system("whoami");' and '1479'='1480
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T alert(1);' and 4571=4571--
Test system("whoami");' and 2543=2543--
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Test system("whoami");' and 6330=6331--
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Test system("whoami");"
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Test h5lyfbzn3o
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Test 02rhy723q3
Test test"
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T alert(1);r4cp0j9vcb
Test system("whoami");1imu7m4obl
Test hvu5i${749*595}bgryu
Test qs4k5${534*533}nur5c
Test 9dy7uc3qv4
A ps4yz{{695*230}}pg3cj
T tuji7${425*124}tc8z7
Test ituud${192*508}hg69f
Test m5q5k{{825*324}}h2zl1
Test btpjj{{175*688}}kfmcc
Test testht32vyyf7t
T ps4ah{{423*272}}wyg2q
A }}v2e5j'/"
Test v3wof{{313*983}}f83zm
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